Power Clean Pro Box

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The Power Clean Pro Box is the #1 Remote Downstream Chemical Controller on the market. Due to demand and supply chain, please allow up to 10 business days processing time.

What It Does

Walking back and forth to the service vehicle to turn on and off your chemical injector can be taxing on the body and on the bottom line. The business owner that invests in the right tools to do the job will make more per hour while limiting the wear on their body. The Power Clean Pro Box reduces the number of trips to the service vehicle by allowing you to remotely turn chemicals on and off to the injector.

How Does It Work

Simply plumb the Pro Box in between your downstream injector and the chemical you would like to control. Once the Pro Box is plumbed and has power, simply press the power button to activate the wireless remote feature. You can use the wireless remote up to 1000 ft away from the injector to turn on and off the chemical. Our design even includes a Bypass Button if you can’t find your remote so there is never any downtime on a job.

Why You Need A Pro Box

The Power Clean Pro Box allows you to remotely control the flow of chemicals being injected into your water stream via a downstream injector. Simply put, the Pro Box saves time, walking, and money. With the Power Clean Pro Box, you will be able to wireless turn on and off chemicals such as a soft wash treatment, soap, or degreaser up to 1000 ft away. 

Key Features

  • Bypass Mode to ensure you’re never down on a job
  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Ball Valve and Quick Connects
  • 2 x Powerful 1000 FT Wireless Remote
  • Power Button to reduce battery draining
  • SAE port for fast power connection
  • Multiple quick connection plumbing options
  • Water-Resistant Box Design
  • Durable Chemical Resistant Braided Hoses


  1. Plumb the ¼” hose marked “Downstream Injector” to the Downstream injector. Secure with a hose clamp. 
  2. Connect that same hose to one of the Pro Box quick connections. The Pro Box is not directional.
  3. Connect the selected plumbing option to the opposite Pro Box quick connection. 
  4. Place the ends of the hose into the chemical.
  5. Connect the included power cable to the SAE port on the side of the Pro Box.
  6. Connect the opposite end of the power cable to a power source.
  7. Install the batteries in the remotes.
  8. Press the Power Button on the ProBox.
  9. Press “On” on the remote and listen as the Pro Box valve opens. Press “Off” on the remote and listen for the valve closing. 
  10. Connect your downstream injector to your pressure washer and begin use.

Note: If you don’t have a remote or the batteries are dead, you can choose to uninstall the Pro Box and connect the lines directly with the included Line Coupler or press the Bypass button on the Pro Box.

Package Includes

  • Power Clean Pro Box
  • 2 Wireless Remotes and Two Batteries
  • ¼” Line Coupler
  • SAE to O Ring Terminal Power Cable
  • Selected Quick Connect Plumbing Options


Power Clean Pro Box is protected with a 1 Year Limited Warranty. This warranty includes defects in craftsmanship and water resistance. It does NOT include failure of interior or exterior components due to misuse, negligence, or not rinsing the valve with water after every use. In the event of a warranty claim, the customer will ship back the Pro Box at the customer’s expense for evaluation. If it is determined that there is a failure covered under warranty, we will repair or replace the Pro Box at our discretion. If no issue is found, the Pro Box may be shipped back at the customer’s expense.