Mix Master Manifold

Mix Master Manifold

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Our Mix Master Manifold obsoletes batch mixing by utilizing GF Metering Valves and schedule 80 PVC piping to deliver a precise blend of water and chemicals when you are on the job. 

The Mix Master Manifold allows a technician to change the strength of a chemical mixture in real-time, eliminating waste, and allowing your company to offer a wider range of jobs with the same batch of chemicals. 

You will be able to get a 4-6% sodium hypochlorite mixture for a morning roof job, then turn down the ratio to 2-3% for a stucco wall cleaning in the afternoon.

To prevent backflow, each line is equipped with a check valve insuring that the treatment stays separate and in the lines. 

The Mix Master Manifold is a three-barb system designed with a constant 1/2" water flow line, a 1/2" line for your sodium hypochlorite, and a 1/4" barb line for your soap or surfactant. Lines converge and exit through a 1/2" barb to be drawn by a pump system.