How to start a Pressure Washing Company with $1200

There are many people interested in getting started in the pressure washing industry but don't know where to start. I know I was one of those people. What should I buy? How much should I spend? What kind of jobs can I do with what equipment? That's why are starting this segment by exploring our recommendations for various budgets.

The first budget we are going to explore is $1200. With these recommended tools, you'll be able to perform 1-2 story home soft washing ($300-1000 Per job), residential driveways and walkways pressure washing ($100-300 Per job), decks and patios pressure washing ($100-300 Per job), and fence pressure washing ($100-$300 Per job).

You will not be able to perform roof cleaning, work on large commercial projects, clean homes that are three stories or taller, or perform quality gutter cleanings. After your first few jobs, you should have the revenue to add more equipment to give your business the ability to perform more services.

We are also assuming you already have a truck or van to transport your gear and have paid for any licensing, insurance, and bonding needed in your state.

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Pressure Washer

If you are starting  SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 PowerShot is a great choice. 2.5 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) is the absolute minimum you'll need to perform whole-home rinse jobs and washing off driveway debris. This unit has 3000 PSI; strong enough to tackle most residential and light commercial projects. It has a slightly larger gas tank than other pressure washing machines in its class, and the unit is backed by a three-year limited HONDA commercial engine and five-year limited pump warranty.

Price: $529.00

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Pressure Washer Hose

Ultimate Washer 100' Grey Non-Marking Hose

The Ultimate Washer 100' Grey Non-Marking Hose is a great hose for beginners. It is rated up to 4000 PSI, well below the SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 PowerShot's PSI rating. It will not leave suffs and black markings as you are working around home sidings and driveways. It features quick connects to allow you to get started and wrap up jobs fast. At 100' plus the 25' that comes with the pressure washer, you should little trouble to get around most homes without moving the pressure washer around.

Price: $99.97

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Turbo Nozzle

A turbo nozzle will be an essential tool in your arsenal because it would allow you to clean hard and textured surfaces quickly. The turbo nozzle is similar to the red tip, where it shoots a zero-degree laser-like jet of water that spins on a ball bearing, creating a circular pattern. This tool attaches to the end of your pressure washing wand just like any other nozzle and can make quick work of aggregate concrete, retaining walls, or brick.

We recommend the M MINGLE Turbo Nozzle as it has a 2.5 GPM orifice, which matches the rating of the recommended pressure washer, and is rated up to 3600 PSI. It also includes five extra tips that are going to serve as essential backups.

Price: $17.99

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Shooter Nozzle

When attempting to perform a soft wash on a home, there will be some areas that will be unacceptable with just your wand and the soap tip that comes with the pressure washer. The goal of soft washing is to be able to do the entire home from the ground level or from a ladder. In order to reach some of the high peaks that homes can have and the two-story levels of taller homes, you will need a nozzle that can shoot water higher. The Ladder Saver Long Range Chemical Nozzle can scale a two-story home with ease and get into those tight corners of the eaves with Precision. This simple tool will allow you to clean a larger range of homes simply, safely, and completely.

Price: $35.95

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Gas Gan


Pick up a 5-gallon gas can so that you can remain on site until the job is done. I try to have at least 1-2 full 5-gallon gas tanks available at all times.

Price: $23.98

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    Surface Cleaner

    A Surface Cleaner is a bar with two pressure washing nozzles attached to them enclosed in a disc. This model will connect to the end of your pressure washing wand and gives you the ability to clean the surfaces of flat concrete much faster than just using a nozzle that comes with your pressure washer. The Simpson Cleaning 80165 Is rated up to 3700 PSI and will allow you to clean a 15 in diameter of concrete at a time. This is a great tool to have and will cut your cleaning time in half.


    Buy It Here:

      Ball Valve

      MTM Hydro 20.0032 3/8 FxF Brass Ball Valve & Tool Daily Pressure Washer Adapter Set

      A ball valve is designed to allow you to quickly connect and disconnect without interruption. You do not have to turn off the flow of water or turn off the machine. I would recommend attaching a ball valve to the end of your hoes right before your wand. This way, you were allowed to switch to other ones if yours breaks or use the ball valve to perform quick rinses. There is some assembly required. Below, you will find a link to the DN10 ball valve and 3/8 quick connect to attach to either end. A ball valve is essential, and making sure your workflow never stops.

      Price: $54.95

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        Price: $12.99

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        Downstream Injector

        The downstream injector maybe one of the most critical tools in your pressure washing Arsenal. This little tool will allow you to inject a chemical or soap into your water stream. Attached this directly to your pressure washer water outlet with a quick connection. Then connect your pressure washing hose directly to it. Lastly, feed a quarter-inch tube from the downstream injector into your treatment, and you're done. The downstream injector will siphon your treatment into your water stream at typically a 10 to 1 ratio. This tool allows you to perform a soft wash on residential properties or apply heavy-duty concentrated degreaser.

        Price: $20.99

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          Garden Hose

          Flexzilla Garden Hose

          The next thing that you'll need is going to be a simple garden hose. You can pick up a garden hose locally at any home store. I choose to use a flexible garden hose because they are heavy duty and lightweight. Where does a big factor when you do not have a hose reel, and you're winding up your hose manually. Also, this comes in a 100-foot variant, which gives your pressure washer more range for cleaning. 

          Price: $86.90

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            Hose Quick Connect

            Work smarter and not harder. I'm a big fan of quick connects, and adding a quick connect to your hose makes a job go a little bit faster. This is an essential tool if you are still removing the pressure washer and hose from your truck or van. If you plan on getting a hose reel in the immediate future, I would forgo this item as your hose connection will become stationary.

            Price: $18.97

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              A surfactant or soap is an additive that we use when we are soft washing a home. The surfactant allows for the water and sodium hypochlorite to linger on the vertical or inclined surfaces enough for the treatment to clean and sanitize the surface. Many people choose to use Dawn Platinum, but I do not. Dawn Platinum mixed with sodium hypochlorite creates a toxic chemical when inhaled. Instead, I use Gain laundry detergent, or you may choose to purchase a surfactant that is specifically designed for the soft wash industry, such as DELUX® APPLE BLOSSOM HOUSE & ROOF SURFACTANT from or Southern Drawl from Southeast Softwash. 

              Price: $13.44

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              5 Gallons of Sodium Hypochlorite

              Purchase Locally

              To perform a soft wash on a home, you will need a commercial-grade strength of sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite is the active ingredient in Bleach and will allow you to clean and disinfect a home quickly. sodium hypochlorite typically comes in 5%, 6%, 10%, or 12.5% strength. You can check your local pool supply retailer To purchase this chemical in large quantities. I recommend using a 12.5% strength and purchasing your treatment in five-gallon buckets if you are starting.
              Remember, sodium hypochlorite is extremely corrosive. If this chemical gets on your skin, stop what you're doing and thoroughly rinse the affected areas. If you are running this chemical through your pressure washing hoses, wands, or Downstream injectors, you will need to also run water through them for at least five minutes after use To preserve the life of your equipment.

              Price: $2.00 - $4.50 per gallon depending on the area

              Buy It Here: Purchase Locally

              Business Cards

              A key aspect of a business is networking, and there's no better networking tool, then they tried and true business card. Pick up at least 500 from your local or favorite printer. Or you can visit if you need help with design and ordering.

              Price: $46.00

              Buy It Here:

              Door Hangers

              At, we are a big believer in ground and pound work ethic. Door to door sales is still a big part of getting new business when you are just starting, and door hangers are a great tool to help spread awareness. On your off time or after you finish the job, you should be handing out no less than 20 door hangers at a local community. Remember to respect no soliciting signs and local ordinances. Pick up at least 500 from your local or favorite printer. Or you can visit if you need help with design and ordering.

              Price: $130.00

              Buy It Here:


              All in, you should be right around $1200, in equipment and marketing materials. This is a great set up and gives you the ability to go out and make money right away.

              What do you think about our list? Is there something we missed? Did we help you decide on your own equipment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

              * Each link is tied to our affiliate accounts. If you use these links and purchase within 24 hours, we will get a small commission, and you will be directly helping support

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